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Turkey Recruitment projects are taken up by the companies which are looking for volume hiring across all the verticals at limited time frame. These sorts of requirement arises when a company is looking for a immediate mergers and acquisition or launching a new division in company or looking to inject fresh blood in a team building exercise considering the non – performance of current team or Having expansion plan in different region, City or Global location or in case of Vertical and Industrial Expansion or introduction of new product in the market, during Shut Down projects or various Start up projects etc.

Turnkey Recruitment Projects which are time - and resource - concentrated can critically weaken a company's capacity to continue with normal business while at the same time searching for the right candidates in a short span of time. Such a state of affairs occurs because the procedures of appointing new employees occupy many key personals and biggies that play key role in the entire course. Therefore, hiring an outside Consultant to handle the project in its total preserves the company's time and resources for its business.

Word Turn - key refers to something that is ready for immediate use, we use this word with the reference to the ease and frequentness as good as your own office. Turn- Key generally describes a home built sort of a customer and client oriented system. This system is something our customers or clients can just move in and make a best use of. This project provides to the client a fully tested and ready to use upon delivery results. It tends to have short execution times, rapid ROI, and minimal delays. This gives a tremendous advantage to the client, since it helps the client to get access and select a bulk number of talented applicant rapidly solving some major problems of hiring and short listing.

Thus we take care of all the responsibilities and brings best aspects under one roof. Some of the key point’s to highlight to ensure the Successful implementation of Turnkey recruitment Project:-
  • We offer to our candidates multiple options for their career as we have been serving number of fortunes 500 clients across the globe.
  • We also get strategic advantage of higher conversion for closures as we approach candidate as a third party i.e. Career Consultant.
  • We have our own registered software available with us where we maintain a huge set of database spread across all the sectors and industries. These databases are maintained by our Consultants on usual basis.
  • Our consultants are well trained in Co- ordination, Search, Approach, Negotiation, Referencing, Industrial / Talent Mapping, Crowd Pulling methodology which plays a very crucial role while working on multiple positions and their closures.
  • Managing recruitment drive is essential part of Turnkey projects. We have kept a set of specialized team to handle the drive as we usually have a number of drives on a monthly basis.
  • We offer best of facilities to our consultant and clients such as personal Interview room, telephonic interviews, video conferencing facility, conference room, hi - tech technical facilities with multiple backup options available with it.