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We offer fascinating and challenging assignment’s, class working environment, Professional management and sufficient prospect to train the fresher and to get trained by experienced with opportunity to study, plan and execute the most challenging projects across globe in different verticals and industries. We search for successful professional and fresher’s looking to build their career in Executive Search World. We are focussed in our work and constantly in hunt of a person with a calibre of good Communication skill with right and positive attitude towards their life. We look for individual who carry goal along with go getter attitude and strive to achieve the success in any given assignment diligently.

Working with Us

We let our actions, results and achievements speak for themselves and feel that lesser said about ourselves would be better understood by you. That is where we stand apart from other firms. We, at Firestone Global do not promise you the heavens, but we surely assure you of all the professional satisfaction and achievements. To be a part of our highly privileged team would be the best career decision that you might ever make. The pleasant and highly professional environment enhances and boosts the performance of our team. If you are an executive search professional and are in search of the perfect launch-pad for a successful career, then FireStone Global is the right place for you.


We take pride in our esteemed list of clients, who after a lot of scrutiny have put implicit faith in us. You will get to work with these clients and your experience and/or talent will be put to a test. Though we are not strict with the expectations from our team, but expect a sincere commitment on your part in your work. FireStone Global stands for commitment, integrity, honesty and professionalism and you as an integral part of our organization are expected of the same. As one of us, you will learn to take pride in yourselves, your achievements and your colleagues.


As we take pride in our list of esteemed clients; the same pride we feel and take in our team. The first and the foremost quality that we seek in professionals that we employ- is a sheer commitment, sincerity and professionalism. The actual formalities follow these qualities and not precede them. The feeling of working with these best of the best professionals is truly exhilarating and beyond expression. So, will you feel as well, once you become an integral part of our team! In no time you will discover a 2nd home at Firestone Global and you really won’t have to work hard to get along with your colleagues… It just will happen!

FIRESTONE GLOBAL is a right company for your career success, if you are

Why our Company is best

  • An experienced Consultant with a global search exposure in a given assignment
  • Have been able to close Mid and Senior level assignment and carry a strong people network
  • Having a positive attitude towards life and understand the work very well.
  • Having notched up several successful projects
  • A sheer commitment, Enthusiasm, Honesty in work
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  • Can communicate well and carry confident personality
  • Have a interest in recruitment field
  • Knack of talking to different people and keep the empathy for work
  • A sheer commitment, Enthusiasm, Honesty in work
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Working with Us

Our motto is quality in service and to achieve the performance goal of the company and Client. We are diverse from practically all other consulting search firms in many ways which ensure to have excellent career for you. We have our client’s from wide variety of industries and sector wherein we offer them different range of services. We use scientific and innovative structure which ensures our repeated business from existing client. All that we need from your end is Passion and the Adrenalin rush which believes that it is actually possible to be the Jack of all. A well said “Nothing Great in the World has ever been accomplished without Passion.”

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