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    "We are one of the fastest growing recruitment company in India and a prominent name in Global market, providing its services to large multinationals and business conglomerates. We have served over 600+ companies across India and international markets such as the India, US, Europe, Far East, and Middle East."

At FIRESTONE GLOBAL, We believe that every rational Individual in the universe has desire to do something brilliant for a greater foundation, either for themselves or for family or for the nation and so on. The fire burning in us is Elusive, beyond words and requires die hard Attitude to nourish it. This itself is the motive of our existence in the field. We thoroughly believe in the power and insight of an Individual who has to stand forth and choose what is best for him thus leaving no chance for failure.

That’s where we act as a gateway towards realizing your dream. We welcome each and every opportunity to Grow, enhance in propensity and provide perfect solutions to all aspects we come across. The mode can be different. You can be our Client – Searching for a right Professional for your Organization or a Candidate - looking for a Dream Job/Company or an Individual – looking to build a foothold for a flourishing career. It is the spirit of doing the impossible that FS Global go beyond its borders into uncharted terrain, diversify in different businesses, forge unique partnerships and achieve robust growth in staffing business solutions. We have a track record of executing complex recruitment projects in perplexing conditions and Timeframes.

We are basically a Talent Hub which caters to your business Sense and gets you the best of all. We see to the satisfaction of one entity be it a Company or an Individual. Our team here aids to turn budding organizations into Business Reality. We Research and then Search to meet your specification, keeping in mind the minutest details be it your query or necessity. We serve as complete solution providers and that to in the limited time span specified by you since your time is the most crucial thing for us and we hope to make the best of it.

FIRESTONE GLOBAL is one of the fastest rising Global Superior Search firm dedicated in Executive & Superior Search and Selection activity, Turnkey Staffing Solutions, Temp Staffing Services and Top notch corporate training, a sincere place for True Dreamers, Jobseekers, Corporate Leaders and Decision makers, co-existing together relevantly and hope positively for results since our assortments is a trusted set by many. Our services are available over a wide geographical area that spans across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and Middle East markets, making us one of the leading HR firms. Our aim is to serve you the best from the pool of the lot.